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Crystalbrook Lodge Dining on the Lake

Crystalbrook Lodge Chef Catching Barramundi for dinnerFresh local produce - simply and elegantly served in a spectacular settings... Outdoor dining overlooking the lake is a highlight; simply prepared and seasonally available fruit and vegetables from the Atherton Tablelands.




 Crystalbrook Lodge Station Brangus Beef FilletFeaturing on the menu is Wild Barramundi - sometimes caught by our Chef - along with Grass-fed Eye Fillet, superb tropical fruits and local dairy produce.

 Help yourself to the guest bar, fully stocked with excellent wines, beers, spirits and a range of waters and non-alcoholic drinks.  The guest Nespresso and Tea bar is available 24 hours a day.

Crystalbrook Lodge Eggs BenedictOur suppliers are, where possible, local growers. 

  • From Mareeba fruit and vegetable growers supply mango, papaw, citrus, bananas, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potato, herbs, beef. 
  • Wild Barramundi comes  from the Gulf of Carpentaria to our north
  • The local rainforest supplies Davidson Plum and other native jams and chutneys
  • Long term local families of Italian and Spanish decent provide us with olives, cured meats.
  • Gallo and Mungalli Dairies supply our cheeses, milk and yoghurts.


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