Experiences at Crystalbrook Lodge


  1. Aboriginal art 2 1000Explore one of the many trails such as the Lakeside Trail Loop with our experienced guide - great for bird watching or you can take a fishing rod and throw in a line.
  2. Glide along the lake aboard the electric boat - perfect for fishing or wildlife watching amongst the lily pads..... get ready for a barra or one of the dozen or so native fish species in the lake.  A photographer's paradise! 
  3. Spend an afternoon chatting over tea and scones on the verandahs of the historic Crystalbrook Homestead 20 minutes away and you'll feel like you're in the last century.  You'll see the prize Brangus cattle in the yards and maybe see them being rounded up.
  4. Take out a kayak or two and go exploring the far reaches of the lake - you might see a herd of wild brumbies or silently become part of the lake's daily rhythm as dainty Lotus Birds walk by on Lily pads and Jabiru and other water birds go about their business.
  5. Hire a helicopter for the day and go river fishing for barra.... or explore some of the old deserted mining towns abandoned to the bush.
  6. Explore Chillagoe with our experienced guides - with some of the most diverse geology in the world, you can explore limestone caves and aboriginal rock art or have the "Best Hamburger in the World" at the Chillagoe Pub!
  7. Take a picnic lunch and relax fishing and swimming on the Tate River for the afternoon.
  8. Birdwatching from the Viewing Platform - Sea Eagles, Bee Eaters, Koel Jabiru, Blue Faced Honeyeaters, Scarlet Honeys and much more!
  9. Skywatching - use the telescope or binoculars, or just with the naked eye!  Falling stars and the Milky Way light the sky - and you can use the theatre room to check out the night sky and zoom in on what you're seeing!
  10. Best of all, relax in the Magna wet edge pool - the magnesium is the best relaxant you'll find anywhere!

If you're not feeling so active, just chill at the Lodge.  There's a great library with everything from novels to an eclectic range of magazines, historic books and a wide reference library on wildlife and birds.  In the theatre room, we have a range of movies and documentaries you can choose from if you've had enough of the great outdoors!   While you're relaxing, you can help yourself to the wide range of drinks available at the bar, or choose a herbal tea or coffee from the Nespresso range.  There's usually some delicious smells coming out of the oven heralding impending treats such as Portuguese Lemon Tarts or scones on the way!

Big smiles and a big Barra!

Crystalbrook Lodge BeeEater 




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